Sheff G, Sleepy Hallow & Double G - Panic Pt. 2 (official Instrumental)

Shooter gang, M8V3N gang, shooter
M8V3N gang, Shooter gang, M8V3N gang, shooter gang
M8V3N gang, Shooter gang, M8V3N gang, shooter gang

[Verse 1: Sleepy Hallow]
Whole gang got knocked, free bro
Send shots in the, in the spots, niggas give no fucks
Who block, don't do friends, they with you they can get shot
We just do for the, we just do it for the cash bitch
Know that my niggas ain't average
Gotta, gotta stay where it’s at, you ain't from here, come here, guarantee, you get clapped
We trap for the better bitch, for the gang get yo whole block wet up
Still Puma fits for the set up, no change, no gang, no let up
Bitch I keep a pole, who that no
I cannot fuck with no rat, rat, strap for the lack, and we moving so tack
Hit that boy up better pack a strap
Run up on who, no not us
Fuck that you gone get left in the dust
Don’t talk, no argue, straight
In the night don't walk too sus, lil bro keep pole
Bet, new opp lets go
We hit him if he move hot
We shoot they call cops
On the block all day [it was cruelty], running from truancy, this shit ain't new to me
My nigga [?] back to back it, flip on your block like a dirty mattress
Trap out the spot keep the money packing
Gang, gang

[Verse 2: Double G]
Get to the breach
I am not wasting no time with the treesh
You gotta cuff that bitch on a leash
Don't wanna talk got that bitch on her knees
You know the gang how we give it up
Hollows they hit him and rip him up
Paramedics, pick him up
Gang, gang, gang
Is you sucking or not
Don't wanna talk if it ain't bout the guap
I make a call, yellow tape on your block
I got a stick try to duck you get shot
Boom boom boom
Watch him twirl when he drop
50 shots in the Glock
Now he running from shots
We do not fuck with the opposition
Load up the Glocks, unlimited shots
Hit that boy up when his momma wit him
See him at the stop, but his body drop
Kings County got another victim
You should’ve of listened
Gang, gang, gang, gang
She gon fuck with gang, she fell in love with the treys
She told me I gotta change, but I'm just stuck in my ways

[Verse 3: Sheff G]
Heard niggas chatting bout that 2, 3, shots that me
Wonder why I hear talk bout that white chalk
Like who send shots that’s weak, who bend blocks like us
Gltta boow, man down
Father forgive me, I'm sinning, I’m striking the fifth in hand
Like i'm in war, its for killing him, packs that flip, be yes i'm delivering
Run up whats your plan, who got quicker hands
Watch we bust the car right when you jump out
When I know your mans, hope that blixky jam, cause I got something for him soon as he jump out
He ain't screaming out yo bro shit
Hollow tips echo yolo yolo
How much time has the fumble grips
Bodies bounce hit the floor like a Pogo, yoyo
All get touched, name one, save one, everybody duck when the thing go
Tough man get crunched, know that I stay clutched
We ain't talking bout trunks when they mac go
Heard they spinning through, can't wait to get to you
Choppers hit noggins will switch up your attitude
Keep the smith wit me, bullets rip anything
Please don't let mommy or poppa get hit or two

[Verse 4: Sleepy Hallow]
So let me know, let me know, who got what, nigga who shot what
Gotta tell them though, get the dough, niggas slip get hit, boy chop or drop

[Verse 5: Sheff G]
Talking out they mouth
Gang do walk ups, Double G bliss see who talking now, look who saucin now
Keep new fits and I keep full grip for the wildin out
Steady hating, I can't understand them
[?] as you brand them
Remember nights, I'm risking all my chances
Who blow what, we switching up the [?]

[Verse 6: Double G]
I keep a Glock for the snakes
Niggas be tucking, your shooters be bluffing, they talk, but they watch what they say
Sheff will pick out the drop where you stay
40 spark on the ground where he lay I'm a blessed big crip to grip, in the spot we gon spazz out, cash out
Imma show you what that cash bout
Money coming, imma cash cow

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