Published 14 days ago in Hip-Hop

Thunder Beatz - Yn JayStaccs(OPEN VERSE)

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ig @ThunderBeatz__ (two underscores)


ii jus got the drop onna opp lets go loot his blocc

catch a gd walCin up the glizz

boom him out his soccs

ion fw blixkys

he want smoke then my macs gon pop

pussy nicca this aint 2k but ii’m greenin shots

TrapKing got the 762 nicca

bob the builder niccas aimin at ya roof nicca

Monti balla knocc ya soccs out ya boots nicca

real chit my niccas leigons of the doom nicca snow bunny at the traphouse tryna get a blessin

zooted as fucc and ii can’t find my weapon

holup get bacc real quicc ii gotta teach this bitch a lesson

my name aint smith but i would a up the wesson

niccas got mad punch bars

in the car at the park rollin off a punch bar

trap king got the scar

he cee da opp niccas then he lightin up his car

searchin for the opps like ii was a d nicca

light skin bitch succin onna d nicca

drums and the sticcs in the trunC of the v nicca

aimin on point you would thinC ii was elite nicca

while ii’m sippin on lean nicca

wocc tecc watchu sippin Robitussin nicca

you put a .5 in the wood are u dumb nicca?

livin off pua checcs is u a bum nicca?

Ceen a opp and ii hadda start dumpin nicca

new runtz yea you know the opps fussin nicca

envy caine succin dicc yk he prolly fucced niccas

he mad mooki for dat he gotta go nicca

niccas be jaccin crip but they don’t even know niccas

no no can’t cool it wit them choo niccas

you gettin boomed if catch u wit them folk niccas

treesh takin mad breesh she a gold digga

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