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Average instrumental produced by Cochise. Courtesy of M.L.J. Tha Beatmaker.


Uh, Uh

[Verse 1]
Niggas get mad cause I'm doing me
The little piggies mad as fuck cause I don't really do the weed
Maybe if closed my gap I'd get a nice bitch
But then she'd probably cheat on me because I'm-I'm average
I mean, look at me, my hair so hideous
I'm never ever serious
The shit I say at times would have you motherfucking curious
Like, "What this nigga talking bout'?"
This nigga strange probably doing it for fuckin clout
Nevertheless I act myself because, I never care
Bout' what you think cause in the end you'll never be there
So I only thank God that I can only be here
Living on this earth cause you never know when our times near
These goofy niggas not intriguing
I could be your band - aid whenever you bleeding
Better not have aids or I'm seeing you this weekend
And I ain't with the speaking not a deacon call a beacon have sleeping but you not breathing

I'm average, Yo, my nigga, what did I tell you bout' this shit?
Cut it off, I'm average, nigga, I'm a average nigga, you hear what I'm saying? Uh

[Verse 2]
So tired of these niggas tryna' text me and shit
Bout' when you blowing up, bro' you need to send me some shit
Well gas me up nigga cause, I'm getting tired and shit
These niggas think this shit is easy well that's a lie like a bitch
I try my best to be the worst and be best like what nigga got a do to get some rest I'm getting restless at the top
But then again I'm still complaining how I'm aiming for the lowest under
Estimating conversating heater now I call it caking
Well technically we baking but we kind of cut the taping
So I skipped what we was making and headed straight for the basing
In the mirror now I'm facing Michael Jackson
But I change my ways so I'm tryna pave the way
To be honest I'm lactose tolerant but don't got the tolerance for shit that y'all niggas jarring in
In a city where these niggas step on your dreams like a motherfucking giant
And when it's time for support these niggas mice because they quiet, but I'm used to being me and alone and shit
I rather be playing some fucking games then be a lame and shit
I mean I'm a weird nigga with cool kind of swagger
Taking fans with my mind, I'm a real kidnapper
I rock fashion, you rock kappa
I mean I been hustling checks since a nigga got Fasfa
Niggas always simping and I call that NASA
Cause when I get a shawty I'll treat the slag like a bastard
Yes master, no caster, thanks pastor

I already said that, suck my dick

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