Instrumental for inspiring Artist in the Trap, Rap, Hip Hop, R&B as well the TV, Film, ADS, Video Gaming, and Background Muzik
#About Big Flava Muzik Atlanta #GA Music producer Dax Ali has been on the music scene since the 1990’s. His production company Big Flava Productionz has helped launched the careers of many young artists. He is respected by his peers and has crossed genre lines that influenced Hip Hop #Rap #R&B #Club #Fitness #reggae #Pop and Jazz. Dax Ali was raised in Brooklyn and moved to Atlanta #Georgia in the 90’s to raise his family. Currently he is coaching young artists #making beats #mixing and mastering music. His beats are hip hop and with an urban and jazz flava. His coaching style is supportive and encourages professional growth. And #his music mixing and mastering skills are one of the best in the industry. Keep a close watch for his daughter #Sacred. She is up and coming and highly sought after. Sacred is lyrists and her punch lines are unique and her original flow is hard and mesmerizing. Sacred is powerfully influenced by her dad and is on fire. She is one of the hottest female rapper in the southeast. In addition #he has worked with Millennium Entertainment #Fire Pro Muzik #Jamtam Entertainment #Atlanta’s Own AO Entertainment #Rebel Company Reparation Industries #and many others. Dax Ali’s beats will change popular music today. He takes pride in his craft by studying trends and staying ahead of the curve. His aim is to be original and experimentation. While being cool and confident he blows listener’s minds and keeps them nodding to his beats. On the personal side #Dax Ali is a creative artist who is a dedicated family man who is serious about family #music #culture and education. #Hip Hop #Rap #Trap #TV #Film #Ads #R&B #Background #Video Games

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